Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is NameTraders?

NameTraders is a reseller of after market internet domains. These are domains that are collected/owned by NameTraders because of their uniqueness and name value. NameTraders is similar to other after market domain name brokers such as and

Question: Why is a domain so important?

Just as it is important to pick your business's physical location carefully, your internet location should be selected with equal care. An internet domain is what identifies you to your customers. The key to selecting a domain is choosing one that is easily remembered by your customers as well as immediately identifies what your business does. The better an internet domain identifies what you do, the better your customer attraction rate.

Question: Who are the typical buyers at NameTraders and why do they buy?

A typical buyer at NameTraders is a small to large business that is looking to find a strong name for their internet presence as well as business looking to enhance their already existing internet presence.

Question: What should I expect to pay for a domain at NameTraders?

The domain names at NameTraders vary anywhere from $500 USD to many thousands of dollars. Each domain is appraised based on its keyword value, industry segment, typin characteristics, and uniqueness.

Question: Why should I pay NameTraders when I can register a domain for between $15 and $30 at a domain registrar?

If you are lucky to find a domain that is not taken, you can register it at a local domain registrar for $15 to $30 USD. What you are paying for at NameTraders are domains that have been preselected for their name value. These domains have been carefully acquired from various domain name sellers. Many buyers look not so much at the cost of a domain, but its revenue generating potential. Many times if a domain can pay for itself many times over simply in the number of customers it can bring either thru memorability, type in traffic, or other characteristics.

Question: Once I purchase a domain, do I own it?

Once you purchase a domain, you own it from that point forward. At completion of payment, we transfer the ownership of the domain to you. Your only obligation from that point forward are to pay the yearly domain registration fees at the domain registrar where your new domain resides which typically runs between $15 and $30 per year. This domain regisration fee is paid by owners of domain names on the internet.

Question: What is the process once I decide on a name I want?

Once you select a domain or domains that you want, you can send us a request for price for the domains by either filling out the forms available online or by sending an email to us at If you agree with the price and terms, you complete payment for the domain and then we transfer the ownership of the domain to you. We accept paypal, credit cards, checks, and wire transfers as payment methods. The transfer of ownership occurs by changing the registration on the domain to your contact information. At the completion of the transfer of ownership to you, you will receive and email with a domain management account where you can manage your new domain along with information to verify the transfer of ownership.

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